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Road 2 Damascus

20211 h 45 min

In this Christian Movie Road 2 Damascus you will see the urban story of Paul (Sid Burston), the leader of the retro-style singing group, who loves God and his wife but finds himself confronted with a decision that could lead to the loss of both. During the bumpy Road to Damascus where Love and hate, good and evil, envy and admiration become opposite twins that challenges the stability of Paul’s life. The Tear Drops set to re-enter a life of self-destruction after having served as the Pastor of a small Christian church in the fictional city of Damascus, California. This Christian movie Road 2 Damascus brings original gospel music and gospel songs from a variety of different artist from all over America and the Caribbean. This Christian Movie shows the dark side of reality.

Director Sid Burston, Ross Jordan
Runtime 1 h 45 min
Release Date 5 August 2021
Movie Media
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
Starring: Sid Burston, Diane Sellers, Derek Shaun
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